Beautiful Mind

BEAUTIFUL MIND CHALLENGE it all about Restoration, Rejuvenation & Reinventing yourself from the inside out. Everyday, for 30-days, there will be something short & sweet to read along with with a simple action step to guide you through your transformation. Remember, anything is possible! 

  1. Check here for your daily challenge.
  2. Visit Instagram and heart the PicSpirations (picture + spirit + inspiration).
  3. This is a great time to incorporate your fitness journal.
  • The first goal is to workout five days per week, stay consistent.
  • The second goal will be to incorporate your BEAUTIFUL MIND challenge.
  • The third goal is to connect on Instagram.

Why do the BMC?
Well, why not? A fitness challenge doesn’t mean burpees or planks it can be any process by which you dare to confront opposition and end as the victor. So besides our regular physical workouts we will be building the muscles of our minds. Brilliant right!


Example of the 1st fitness event I was able to co-host, this was exciting! Wave Of Wellness started by the Puyallup Tribe went well. It was an amazing time of fitness combined with Native American culture. There was acupuncture, native healers, two sessions of sweat lodge, fitness professionals, Puyallup Kings, delicious food and of course Zumba with Ho’o (Ho’omālamalama). The menu was inspired by traditional ingredients such as huckleberries, elk and salmon, yum. Honestly eating was my favorite part.

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