Beautiful Mind – Day 8

I remember watching Harry Potter thinking, “Every incantation is just words mentioned in the right order to make something happen.” I’m sure you were pondering the same thing too. The power of words.

When I moved to the states as a child I use to hear sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me yah right! That was a messed up statement because words have power especially if you align it with intention.

In Hawaii we have our own saying: I ka ‘ōlelo no ke ola, I ka ‘ōlelo nō ka make. Basically stating that in your word there is life & death.  In fact we had such a sacredness of spoken words that in old tradition a man would court a woman using the nose flute because breath from the nose was considered un-polluted. The mouth can be used to mention negative or positive things, therefore it’s not dependable. (Okay, enough culture class.)

 One of my favorite words would have to be aloha because it has kauna (hidden  meaning). Maybe you should choose several words or one for every day of the week. Just keep in mind that these are your MANA or power words so it should spark vibrancy. And as always you can post it to the blog for some universal accountability. Making your intentions known.

Foodie Fit: Jamie Oliver is a household favorite.

Dance Fit: fun from the Philippines

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Mind – Day 8

  1. AmandaRae says:

    I’m having a hard time with this one. I have power songs that get me through things. I get lots of my motivation and strength from influential bands such as The Green & Tribal Order. Those are the two bands i have a couple songs from each that are my, “get up and handle life with happiness and love.”
    The Green song’s:
    Gotta Be
    ~I gotta be free, got to give love
    I gotta be strong never giving up
    I gotta sing praise with the sound of drums
    You know that I’ll be for my family
    I gotta be cool when its getting hot
    I gotta stand tall, got to reach the top
    I gotta be a man, give it all I got
    You know that I’ll be for my family~
    That’s the chorus from that song.

    Tribal order has a couple songs I&I (i had to look up meaning to this at first. It’s a way of saying I and the spirit (jah, God, higher power) within yourself.) People will use it in like a third person form.
    For You: sings about doing it for you (Jah/God/Higherpower)

    Anyway sorry post so long. But i do believe in positive self talk (learned that in treatment). Also learned a saying in the Positive Indian Parenting Class, Sticks and Stones can break my bones but your Words Can Kill me. Meaning your words are powerful and can harm peoples spirits, especially the young ones. So be careful what we say. Cause you can’t take back words. Sending Blessings today sisters!

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