Beautiful Mind – Day 21

Our mind is like a garage because we can stuff it with anything. What do you contain? Are you organized with shelves or renovated into a home gym? Are there boxes from 1975 stacked beneath 2013? 

Take a few minutes and start to empty things out through your writing. The purpose of this exercise is to notice what’s there and eventually organize it. (Organizing will happen tomorrow so don’t loose your paper.)

Dance Fit: I remember learning this routine at a Zumba Convention. 

Foodie Fit: ever wondered about squash and how to cook it?

You can make a difference, start sharing this BEAUTIFUL MIND challenge with a friend or loved one. Setup a specific time to work on it or to checkin with each other. Maybe organize a girl group and use the daily prompts as guide. 

You can also post in the comments to make your thoughts known in the universe. And thank you for joining this journey. 

Peace be the journey.

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5 thoughts on “Beautiful Mind – Day 21

  1. Naomi T says:

    You need to clean your room. Stop procrastinating. Laundry laundry laundry. Do what will benefit you and your family. Make good decisions. Don’t rely on friends that are temporary, when you have family that is forever. Count your blessings. School is good, be happy you have an education. Be honest to mom and dad.

    That’s all the things that are on the top of my head for the moment XD

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  2. iraelove99 says:

    First Im still glowing for my baby girl. So proud of her working hard to memorize her speech and practice dancing. She had to do a tie breaker for her title and won. So much emotions going on. Because the powwow circle used to be my life. Every weekend. For years. And I lost a couple of important people, my powwow dad rhat used to take me traveling all the time and my bestie sister girl that i used to dancd with. And my powwow man crush had rolled in a car accident. He technically died and came back however he lost the feelings in his legs. Happy he lives but he was a dancer and so young. Still love him and glad he survived.
    So being at. Powwows was really hard. Now with my baby girl dancing and winning I feel it will bring me back to the circle. When i see her dancing it makes me so happy and proud. And i was a dancer. I am a dancer. I feel good when I dance whether to be coastal, powwow, hula, Zumba, or just at a concert it makes me feel good inside.
    Right now my goal is to keep with working out 5 days a week if not more and next year be a jingle dress dancer.

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  3. MANA Wahine Fitness says:

    You were honest & spoke your mind. Now breathe… Inhale, Exhale

    I recently sat in an “intervention” meeting. It was for someone else but the tables turned and a lot of the finger pointing was directed at me. I let them speak & didn’t bother defending myself. WHY? Because I can not change them. We can not change anyone but ourselves.

    I decided not to talk about the details of that event and focused on the Joy I am creating right now. The joy you create when your daughter looks into your eyes. That is all that really matters.
    Walk In Beauty (and Zumba)


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