Beautiful Mind – Day 23

What are you determined to do…

  1. Within the month?
  2. By the end of the year?
  3. In three years from today?

Making a vision or dream board is super fun but it doesn’t stop there. Most people forget to do the next (important) step which is to make a plan-of-action. This effects fitness, self development, learning a new language, everything! 

So take that feeling of determination and make sure you’re doing something connected to your goals. Here’s the secret, “Do something small every day.”

An apple a day over 30 days is better then 30 apples in one day.

Let your determination to live whole-listic be the vehicle while consistency fuels you on a daily basis.

Foodie Fit: why we all need steamers, I actually had one of his and use it up. Need another. (Tip- you’ll need it for meal preps in the next challenge.)

Dance Fit: another Sensazao because their awesome!

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7 thoughts on “Beautiful Mind – Day 23

  1. MANA Wahine Fitness says:

    I would be interested to learn what kind of planner you use. It might help to organize your TO-DO’s into a planner. I see a pattern and feel that you can achieve more. [As far as “what to do” that’s buried in this question: In what way can I best serve society.]


  2. iraelove99 says:

    I tested this morning! it was high but it helps me know how much to increase my insulin, or remember to take at night, or control what goes in my mouth. The scariest thing for me is testing. but the second scariest thing is to not know. but one step towards my goal of testing.
    I want to at least test in the morning and maybe before dinner. Thankyou truly Ho’o! I am glad i choose to do this blog and beautiful mind challenge. My mind gets cloud foggy, and my emotions over run me. emotions are good to have but to be able to control them is powerful. MIIGWECH! MAS’I! MAHALO!


  3. MANA Wahine Fitness says:

    Woohoo!!!!!! I LIKE THOSE GOALS – gave me goose bumps. You can make it happen‼️🎉🌹


  4. iraelove99 says:

    What are you determined to do…I AM DETERMINED TO BE FIT AND HEALTHY

    Within the month? Test my sugars regularly. Maintain 5 day a week workout schedule. drink gallon of water a day.
    By the end of the year? Be able to do a whole hour session of zumba.
    In three years from today? Be a personal trainer, Zumba instructor, and have normal sugar levels without insulin.

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