Beautiful Mind – Day 28

I’m pretty sure most of us are reading this post on a mobile device and perhaps you have an app that can help you plan things out. However, grab an old fashion planner or calendar and schedule your whole-listic self care days. You’ll need three different colors for workout, self care fun then choose a consistent hour. Highlight that day & hour on your planner.


  • Workout Green = Monday, Wednesday & Friday @ 5:00pm Zumba
  • Self-Care Yellow = Thursday @ 5:00pm Massage or Spa
  • Fun Blue = Sunday @ 12:00pm Out with the Ohana (family)

There’s a kinesthetic feeling when writing down your plan. You’re taking an idea from the invisible (imagination) to the physical (written). That’s a powerful connection.

Foodie Fit: someday I hope to try this… 

Dance Fit: super high energy with Zumba’s Kass Martin

Practice self πŸ’› love.


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5 thoughts on “Beautiful Mind – Day 28

  1. iraelove99 says:

    Well i have many unused plain journals. hahah can i just use one of them? or shoudl i get an actual health and fitness journal?


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