Beautiful Body – Day 1 & 2



I have to be honest with you all because there’s a part of me that’s saying, “What are you getting yourself into?” Writing regular, putting what I teach & share in my classes on a blog for all to see! Here’s my Why Story – my sister had a series of intense chemo treatments (read her story here) and couldn’t Zumba with me for awhile. So I decided to post it in order for her to access them at her convience but I’m learning that this can help others in transition.

This is part two, BEAUTIFUL BODY, clean eating for a better future. In the coming weeks we will address a few changes that I know will benefit all of us. And don’t worry it will be gradual because good habits take time.

We’re going to demystify clean eating and simplify it to fit our lifestyles.

(Part one was – BEAUTIFUL MIND)

Disclaimer: This blog is for educational purposes and not intended to treat any disease. Please consult your physician. (Technical stuff.)

To get started…

  1. Start a Pinterest board of new healthy recipes. You can call it BEAUTIFUL BODY (Here’s mine)
  2. For a little creative fun you can collage an inspiration page of foods you want to try. DIY (Do-It-Yourself)  vision board of food. Here’s one example from my class at the Puyallup Tribe’s Youth Center  
  3. Use a healthy food shopping guide. (If you’re in my class we’re using Plate By Zumba® if not I pinned one for you here.)
  4. Keep in mind the dirty dozen or foods which may contain chemical residue.
  5. Start simple and think about a dish you like to make or eat. Then do a healthy swap-out. (Example: Regular pasta for spaghetti squash.)
  6. Be curious & explore your options.
  7. Always read labels for example NATURAL is not the same as ORGANIC.
  8. Get Ethnic, as in explore foods from other cultures. Japanese soba noodles is made with buckwheat. A whole grain that’s good for you. (Check the labels for percentage.)

Eating healthy is affordable!

Foodie Fit: Hold on to your seat here’s Dr. Barnard, one of the contributors for Plate By Zumba® I caught his TEDx Talk years ago and thought, “More people should know this stuff!” Then in 2015 Zumba®  made their new program which included Dr. Barnard and two others.

Dance Fit: This couple has natural swagga 😉 (Okay so I don’t use swagga often but they’re the exception.)

You are beautiful.

Places to shop… 

  • Local Farmers Market!!!! – Quality, little carbon footprint, support your community & get to know your growers. It’s expensive to use the organic label on produce but often local farmers already practice pesticide free farming. (Look for Non GMO)
  • Local Butcher – We have one who’s product comes from several farms in the area. Their chicken’s are free range and animals are feed a healthy diet.
  • Fred Myers –  (or your equivalent) has a great organic section and you can find bundles of apples in a bag. They often feature local farmer’s produce. (Some stores will sell you organic apples individually and you could end up paying $35 for 8.)
  • Cash & Carry – originally created for restaurant owners but you can find Bob’s Red Mill grains in bulk. Seriously folks it’s awesome. Not to mention wild rice, brown rib & legumes in bulk.
  • Costco or Sam’s – Frozen organic fruits for smoothies. Almond milk, coconut milk, avocado oil, pine nuts, hemp seeds, chia seeds and more in bulk.

PEACE Be the Journey.

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More food collage examples:


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12 thoughts on “Beautiful Body – Day 1 & 2

  1. Had lots of fun on my first days – made a lasagna-esque bake with no noodles or meat and had it on a Japanese sweet potato!

    Also prioritized yoga and morning burst and dancing around the house. And…played tennis with hubby! Thanks for the inspo!


  2. Elizabeth McGee says:

    I have started this 10-day cleanse, day 1 we started with just fruits and veggies. In the following days we start off with a fiber drink and 30 minutes later a meal replacement. After that every 2-3 hours we have a meal: mid-morning snack(fruit with a healthy fat), lunch(veggies, a carb & protein), mid-afternoon snack(fruit & healthy fat) and then dinner( veggies, protein and carb being an option for this meal). And throughout the day we consume at least half our body weight in water.

    Today for my meals I will have for my mid-morning snack was straberries & advocado, lunch I will have turkey burger, brown rice and mixed veggies, mid afternoon snack will be apples with peanut butter and my dinner will be grilled chicken with grilled veggies.

    I hope I did this correct.

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  3. MANA Wahine Fitness says:

    PTL! This is great news on so many levels 💙 Take it as a wake-up call and stay with your fit lifestyle. So happy for you.


  4. Cookie says:

    I hope I’m doing this right…well I’ve meal prepped most of my meals. I’ve made all my mason jars steel oats ready to go breakfast with some boiled eggs for my morning. For my lunches I’ve got different salads that I try to dress up with items from my table from “Plate by Zumba”. I’ve made Lomi salmon, poke and poi for a few dinners. I didn’t make for the week because I didn’t think it would be fresh later in the week. I’ve had 2late nights so far so that’s been my biggest challenge. However I will continue to make the conscience effort to eat clean and do well. Good news from my Dr though, my labs to see if I’m making any of my own insulin came back normal so I’m not type 1 diabetic THANK GOD!! So I just need to stay focused and alert to all my eating and activity so that I can turn things around…one day at a time.

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