Beautiful Body – Day 7 & 8

Think about the last place you shopped or ate at… Was it clean? The chances are that you would have walked out if there was rude  service or a dirty environment. Your subconscious is drawn towards beauty, symmetry, organization and design. I say subconscious because most times you don’t even know that it’s happening.

Now think about your  meals. When you look at your lunch does it make you happy? The term “Spark Joy” is from a book by Marie Knodo but it got me thinking about every aspect of life. Does my food spark joy?

I appreciate kawaii food styling and it might seem like too much extravagance but it does something for the mind. It makes one feel happy.

Foodie Fit: here’s Ochikeron using kawaii meal prep with a western lunch box.

I’m a foodie going into fitness therefore my approach to food is different.

Dance Fit: Zumba’s Loretta Bates breaking it down for us. 💃🏽

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