Beautiful Body – Day 9 & 10

As you’re living through this challenge you might notice two things.

  1. First of all your personal life and BEAUTIFUL BODY challenge might collide. Making time to self-care, eat whole or workout daily can cause scheduling conflicts.
  2. Secondly, the honeymoon feeling and excitement of doing something new might have worn out and you may consider cutting corners.

Clutter, in the world of Feng Shui, represents a blockage of chi (qi) or energy flow. And almost everyone in the physiological world agrees that a untidy lifestyle  represents a busy busy mind.

Earlier I listed the names of two de-clutter gurus that I admire and follow Peter Walsh & Marie Knodo. Creating an atmosphere of success takes time because it causes you to address every area of your life. (Which I am still working on.)

My household is full of children (7 all mine) a husband (mine too) and I can’t handle a pet, yet. There’s schedules for every person and always a mountain of laundry but these de-clutter specialist are a wonderful  resource for me.

Foodie Fit: fresh farm to table.

Quality living takes time to develop but once you’ve achieved it guard it violently 🙂 Namaste

Dance Fit: my fave dance crew of all time. Motivation.

Everyday is a brilliant creation & every breath is a miracle.

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4 thoughts on “Beautiful Body – Day 9 & 10

  1. Well, I know Iʻm late coming out of the starting gate, but I always had intentions towards better health. This week I went back to the fitness center with Pomai; sat on the bike; opened an account for “Mapuana”; and programmed my workout. After 43 minutes, I did a distance of 6.37 miles; burned 103 calories; and wobbled to the car, LOL! Came home showered and had a veggie smoothie & my nutrients.

    We plan to do this everyday this week, 30-40min/daily. Iʻll just stick to the bike for now, till I can get some of this weight off my ankles.

    As for an eating plan: veggie smoothies make very delicious in-between drink-snacks; and meals will include more veggies, with protein.

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  2. MANA Wahine Fitness says:

    Lol, as you can tell I only speak from experience. It does take a lot to be a #MANAwahine and balance. I like how you make time for your fitness – 30min/day makes a diff


  3. Wow, you got the laundry thing right. I have a pile of clean clothes that needs to be hung up! It doesn’t get in the way of me exercising though. I always make sure I do at least 30 minutes of SOMETHING every day.

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