Beautiful Body – Day 25 & 26 

Beautiful Body is really a reconnection to your source. The soil that nurtures your food, farmers who watch the seasons of growth and nature who supplies the ingredients for your skin care. Finding a rhythm that works for you takes time.

  1. Continue to WALK IN BEAUTY means that you are creating a healthy lifestyle. This will become a daily practice.
  2. This is one of three challenges: BEAUTIFUL MIND, BEAUTIFUL BODY, BEAUTIFUL SOUL.
  3. You can revisit these often but the benefit comes when you invite others to join.

Skin Fit: Did you know that the glands within your armpits are super sensitive and modern deodorants contain contaminants? Learn more here and DIY

Foodie Fit: Iced tea southern styles no just in time for sunny days.

Walk in Beauty

Dance Fit: Be inspired to dance & move. You are beautiful.

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LEARN: I did a meal prep demo and here are a few pics from the event.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t stop here…

I’ve got the next self-help challenge lined up for you.


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