Beautiful Soul – Day 9

  You wouldn’t expect a Catholic Benedict monk to have a MA in fine arts or Ph.D in experimental psychology while co-finding a center for Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu & Sufi teachers. But when you hear about it you can’t help but wonder, “Who is this person?”  You’ll have a chance to hear his thoughts on happiness and how you can enjoy a life filled with joy.



Gratitude makes us joyful.

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PEACE be the journey.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Soul – Day 9

  1. MANA Wahine Fitness says:

    Yes, the purpose of this challenge is to continue exercising your BEAUTIFUL SOUL muscles by maintaining an attitude of gratitude. Did you know that Oprah writes what she’s grateful for daily & she’s done that for years. (Well that’s what I’ve read)
    🌴 Even if it’s one sentence… That’s life changing.


  2. iraelove99 says:

    I seem to see a lot of repetitiveness on this blog challenge, idk if i am doing all these right.
    So today I am thankful for my tribe and the support they provide. Right now this gratefulness is referring to the financially. They provide some aid for my children. To get them in sports, to keep them active. Every lil bit helps and i know that not everyone has that support. Super grateful.

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