Beautiful Soul – Day 15

You might not understand the struggle while you’re in it but your endurance will lead to stronger character. It’s during the times of trial that the soul will persevere through breathe-release-believe-realize. 

Breathe: Fresh air & oxygen can move mountains while allowing possibilities to flow in.

Release: The things you can not change sounds simple but it’s a great skill to master. 

Believe: In yourself and your vision. After you accept the unchanging circumstances focus on what you can change. Make a plan & stick to it.

Realize: You’re closer to your dreams because the greatest hurdle always comes just before the finish line. Don’t give into a doubtful mind. (Try BEAUTIFUL MIND Challenge if you need better thoughts.)



2 thoughts on “Beautiful Soul – Day 15

  1. iraelove99 says:

    Oh yea this is a good one. Everyone knows my biggest struggle was my addiction: sex drugs n rock n roll. hahah no but for real. Alcohol and drugs controlled me over half my life. I first started drinking when i was 13. didn’t start getting hammered every weekend until high school. then end of my high school year i started using. then i was making decent money at a young age, no responsibilities. I didn’t stop until after i had kids adn was potentially going down a really wrong path and thought i might lose my kids. I didn’t want that to happen. My struggle with addiction helped me realize the strength i had to face life without drinking and drugging. It was scary as heck and hard as a mofo. I still struggle, one day at a time. I love the choice I made. I try to tap into that strength when any obstacles come my way. Try to handle it in the most calm way I can.

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