Beautiful Soul – Day 17

   Can you imagine love rushing to you? I truly believe that good things are meant for us but we are naturally pessimistic. (Perhaps not all of us.) Which means we discount good things as a whim or one-off type of situation. Then we expect a disaster to follow our good fortune. WHY DO WE DO THAT? Maybe I’m the only one but who hasn’t heard or said, “It’s the calm before the storm.” 
What if we…

  • Let life happen.
  • Stop labeling things bad or good.
  • Prepare for love by loving ourselves first. Making self-care essential.
  • Accept love in the form of kindness & complements.
  • Practicing daily habits of gratitude through journaling.

I had to add, “Accept love in the form of kindness & complements” because if someone gives you a complement you don’t have to return the gesture. Just accept the good, thank them & be on your way. (If someone is fishing for a complement, by telling you one, then you know they’re not genuine and have hidden intentions. Walk away quickly.)


Let gratitude be your focus as you let love in. 💙 Stick to your plans and you will reach your goals. 


(I hope you’re sticking to your workout plan.)

One thought on “Beautiful Soul – Day 17

  1. iraelove99 says:

    I am grateful for the love i receive from myself because I feel that you have to love yourself before you can let anyone else love you. I have to love myself! I have to be confident. Growing up being a chubby lil indian girl, i had low self esteem, and honestly started at the all indian school. My own people were the biggest bullies. I a lil more acceptance when i transferred to public school. However, i was still chubby lil indian girl , i had that darkness around my neck (which found out when i was older was because my body didn’t utilize the insulin in my body, or something like that) so i felt i had to do things for people for them to like me. I wanted everyone to like me and be nice too me (that sure back fired, now everybody freakin loves me and i dont like many people!!! haha JK) I think it was about high school the group of friends i had boosted my self esteem somehow. i can’t explain it. But i knew i was beautiful, smart, and caring. I know i was somebody special. Anyhow this is something that i want my children to have, confidence and self love. If you love and believe in yourself, nobody can take that from you.

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