Beautiful Soul – Day 18

   Was there someone who enlightened your life by something they said or did? The chances are that we’re all a product of someone’s fire who lit or rekindled the fire within us. These encounters are a gift but it wasn’t meant to stop with them. You have the ability to share and illuminate others through your goals, trials and successes.

Goals give us a human BEing connection and allows others to BElieve within themselves. We create community and are relatable. Have you ever joined something because their goal matched yours? 

Trials are necessary because without them you wouldn’t know what success feels like. As a parent I use to prevent the trials that my children faced then I learned that I was doing them a disservice. 

Success uplifts everyone, with a good heart, who watched you plan and work through your trials. This becomes the sweet tasting reward of diligence. 

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Speaking of goals do you want a healthy body? I created BEAUTIFUL BODY Challenge and it’s not what you might expect. 

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful Soul – Day 18

  1. MANA Wahine Fitness says:

    You two have a special bond! The best friends in life become Sisters ā¤ļøšŸ’›šŸ’š


  2. iraelove99 says:

    I am grateful for Elizabeth Dawn Stewart McGee because she sparked a light of Just do it! I had a hard time raising two babies after my dad passed away. I struggled with being depression and addiction. And i remember one time I told her idk how I am going to clean my house or do this or something anyway. She said I don’t think about it and just do it. At the time she was raising three girls (two are same age as mine) and taking care of her husband. Best advice ever. You just do it, don’t think. It’s lots of work running a household, even though she is married i know she does alot. So on top of the kid she has a house and husband. so I try to just do it now. Whatever it is in my life, working out, prepping food, cleaning, making time for myself. I supposed Nike might think we copy right but really its, don’t think about it and do it. lol. Thanks sister!

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