Beautiful Soul – Day 19

   Maybe you’ve noticed that I usually start these BEAUTIFUL SOUL CHALLENGES with a prompt and then finish off with a quote. The purpose is to become a catalyst for your thoughts and then reaffirm it with a brilliant saying. (Usually someone else, Lol.)

You are a beautiful soul and this was created just for you. Yes it’s personal and yes it’s intentional. I want you to take five minutes and jot down what you’re grateful for and increase it over time. 

I’m going to spend…

  • 5 Minutes Daily
  • 15 Minutes Daily
  • 20 Minutes Daily 
  • 25 Minutes Daily 
  • 30 Minutes Daily 

on my self care through journaling. 

You can start with gratitude post and then move onto other subjects but always take time to be grateful for something. If you don’t feel comfortable with journaling or wonder if journaling is similar to keeping a diary then here’s a post just for you: Why is a diary NOT a journal.



One thought on “Beautiful Soul – Day 19

  1. iraelove99 says:

    I am extremely and utterly happy for the Creator’s Strength that he has instilled in me. That He has made me aware that I can live happily without alcohol or drugs. It took many years and courage to make the changes i need in life to be happy. I wish all my friends and loved ones can reach inside for that strength. even the ones not in addiction, but the ones that live in self pity. The ones that complain all the time but yet do nothing to change their life. How can you complain but not do anything to change, that makes no sense. Sometimes i feel bad that i was fortunate enough to make the change for the better. I don’t want to feel guilty, i want to see my loved ones make that change too. But i will be ever grateful for that strength to take life one day at at time.

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