Five tips to turn street fairs into fitness events.

One of my favorite things to do is visiting local markets, street fairs & outdoor performances. So on one occasion I trekked through “Art On The Ave” it’s Tacoma’s 6th ave street fair. I walked around looking for the artist but saw a notable amount of beer gardens. Nevertheless I bumped into some street art…

1. Choose an event. I look for free outdoor activities that incorporate music, culture, art & local vendors.

2. Load a backpack with water, energy bar & sanitizer. Yes I said sanitizer, because you never know.

I walked a little further and found local print shops sporting their Tacoma designs.

3.  Park in a safe place but give yourself some walking distance between you and the venue. I like parking under street lights in case I stay into the wee hours. 

Walked even more, nice little cardio, and saw some eccentric designs…

4. Use a pedometer, Fit Bit, phone app, Apple or Google watch to track your steps. I like using a good old fashion pedometer.

5. If there’s music, pause from your walk, dance like nobody’s watching. I was happy to find a reggae band during my visit. 

Overall plan regular outings that promote healthy movement and invite others to join whenever possible. PEACE Be The Journey 



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