Hosting a fitness event. Part 2/2

In my last post I shared about hosting a fitness event, which is 100% based on teamwork, here’s another type called Sponsoring. When you sponsor an event you can enter the agreement in two ways. 

The first type is where you fund the event and reap the benefits from attendees seeing your logo throughout the venue. The host will contact you or you might see an advertisement that suggest “For sponsorship information please email…” or something of that nature.

The second way is to utilize your energy, expertise or connections to sponsor. Basically you’re exchanging time for dollars. This can be beneficial if you are trying to get your business noticed and are boot-strapping to save dollars. 

This year I joined One Condition Fitness‘s owner Leilani Finau, her sister Tia and an impressive list of Sponcers. Lei came up with the STRONG WARRIOR CHALLENGE and hustled to make it happen. I met fitness instructors from all walks of life who participate in OCF at some level. I was definitely the oddball joining the team with my Zumba Fitness background but I didn’t mind. 

At the end of the day my duties and business participation was clearly communicated and I was more then happy to follow through. I chose to lend my skills to this event because I really wanted to make positive change in the Native health scene. Her SWC lined up with my values and it was a win/win.

 (Above is a picture of Lei giving some final instructions before competition began.)

The 5 benefits of being a Sponcer:

  1. You can choose your level of participation.
  2. Meeting other professionals in the same field.
  3. Utilizing you dollars or talent to reach new clientele.
  4. Collaborations allow you to build community.
  5. Gain experience by helping others achieve their goals.

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