5 Reasons to Start a Fitness Revolution!

Maybe “Revolution” is a bit heavy of a word to use.

But that’s what it feels like. It feels like you have to amp people up to move. Motivate others to join the wellness movement, after all this is a worthy cause. So why not start a revolution and wave a flag of wellness over the nation? Well, let’s at least begin in our homes. 

Aging gracefully is a worthy cause! Being able to use the toilet on my own at 93 is a worthy cause!!!

Working out is a worthy cause but we all need motivation to get this revolution going. All the more reason to try Zumba. I think it’s a great introduction into fitness and can open the door for advancement. It’s the music that motivates me out of a sluggish attitude. The bass does all the work while the treble gets you stepping. 


  1. It’s time to overthrow diabetes.
  2. Start a mutiny to obesity’s plans.
  3. Revolt against heart disease.
  4. Cause a rebellion on products  that slowly destroys kidneys & liver.
  5. Begin an insurgence against “mis information,” become self-educated about what we consume & how we move. (In other words – be careful of all fads, do your own research.)

    My upcoming classes are for Moms because I see their commitments & dedication to their Ohana, family. Often putting their needs last and rarely making time for self-care. My goal is to create a bubble of health and that 1 hour belongs to them. 100% 

    If you need help setting or creating a food, fitness, fun & self-care plan check out WholelisticFit PEACE Be the Journey & comment below if you’re starting a FITNESS REVOLUTION in your home. 

    5 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Start a Fitness Revolution!

    1. MANA Wahine Fitness says:

      Woohoo, that’s huge! First realization and then to implement a plan. Bravo, Brava! I think the energy behind a MANA WAHINE is the ability to look at her circumstances and change it to benefit her. [I guess we have to plan a dance fitness event in Hawaii.]


    2. MANA Wahine Fitness says:

      Yah, I’ve never been into scales. Lol. Even as a fitness professional, I still don’t like them because I think it limits people. But that’s just me. ❤


    3. YES! Oh how I wish I was there to Zumba with you!!!! Love this video and look forward to seeing more. I’m pre diabetic and a history of heart disease – starting a revolution here – today I wrapped the Whole30 – consciously eating without booze, sugar, dairy, grains and beans for a month. I feel awesome! Really stabilized so much and I’m stoked to start adding movement into it. Thank you for the fitspiration! xo kathy j

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    4. Tia says:

      I LOVE the 5 reasons. They are things we don’t normally think of but are vital to our wellbeing. So often we get caught up in the scale, size tag or mirror. It will be good for us to focus on the things we can’t see, but most definitely can feel. Faafetai tele for this! I’m looking forward to it.

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