When my teacher passed away. Lesson on health.

Growing up I knew that I wasn’t Black, White or Hispanic. Being a military kid you learn quickly especially when stationed so far from your island. I’m Hawaiian and talk about a fish out of water! Let’s fast forward >>> Somehow I became a student of all things Hawaiian and my teacher was my Grandmother. 

I lovingly called her Mama 💜 [here’s the two of us] and she filled my mind with the beauty & grace of Hawaii. The island that was, long before it became a tourist haven. Sadly cancer ended our lessons and I was lost.

After tears and sorrow I began to search and learned to walk in beauty.

My mission is to share a holistic approach to living. Starting with our relationship to food then adding fitness. 

Today I’m closer to the culture that she gifted me with. And I’ve blended my practice with a familiar Hawaiian connection. Which has opened the doors to learning from many others. 

These images are from the Indigenous Artist Gathering. I was excited for the invitation and happy to join in. I witnessed how they used their ART to tell the stories of their ancestors. The life cycle of love and loss then love again. This is a quick glimpse of what I encountered. 

The panel above represents those who carry one. Much of their art come from a tutors who no longer walks this earth but lives within their teachings. 

Below is my favorite and this piece is a true MANA WAHINE: woman of power.

If you want to learn more about being a MANA WAHINE or become a MERMAID click here

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