Life on Mauna Kea

My cousin Maika’i Kanui and his wife Makaiwa took us on a journey to Mauna Kea. It was a rich experience because of their mana’o or insight. However, there is a health risk so take the journey slowly. If you plan on going up I highly suggest the following…

  • Stay on the path, drive with reverence.
  • Do not touch or remove the stones.
  • Take your trash with you and mind the signs.

Before you go…

It’s important for me to tell you that this space is sacred and it means a lot to the Hawaiian people. The struggle is misappropriation of the land and overcrowding due to tourism. The land in this space is extremely delicate and the stones have generational significance. Traditional protocol and cultural significance is an invisible expectation which is why I suggested the three points above. Be mindful and respect the Aina. (land)

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