How to be a Ninja Empath

What if more empaths turned into ninjas and learned how to protect themselves from energy vampires?

What if more empaths turned into ninjas and learned how to protect themselves from energy vampires? Or as my Anake (auntie) Ka’uhane says, “Mana Suckers.” People who drain your energy.

Ninja’s were trained to fight in the shadows using it to protect their identity and get the job done. They were taught to complete the mission and then disappear.

Anciently battles were fought facing your opponent but ninja’s changed the game. Which got me thinking about empaths and … what if they learned ninja techniques to fend off energy vampires [energy vampires].

Empaths face the energy of others unaware that war is about to happen. The battle field is their mind and the opponent wants to posses their peace of mind, joy and wellbeing.

To be a Ninja Empath one must learn to protect their most sacred possession… mental wellbeing.


Want to dive deeper?

The main blog is WholelisticFit and that’s where I share the holistic side to fitness. I wanted to develop a program that flows with nature and incorporates fitness for the mind, body and soul.

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As I began to write this blogpost I realized that there are tools, lessons and action steps that are super important for any empath or people like me, a parent of an empath, to implement. Are you an empath? Comment below, Namaste 🙏

Happy May 1st

For all the grandma’s, mom’s and awesome aunties.

A gift for all the Moms

I created an e-course called Balanced Beauty and here’s the details…

In 60 minutes it’ll show you how to create a FOOD, FITNESS, FUN & SELF-CARE PLAN that will benefit your body throughout the year. [It’s automatically sent to you because you joined my newsletter.]

  1. Informative slides with me guiding you through the process.
  2. Download and use the PDF printable along with the tutorial.
  3. You can pause, rewind and replay the session at your convenience.
  4. Invite someone to participate with you
  5. Find out which emoji best describes your food, fitness and fun mood.

A Mother’s Day Blessing

I wanted to do something special for all the women who nurture. So I’m sending this blessing out into the world-wide-web and I hope you feel the Aloha, love.

Mad Art Therapy

When all else fails CREATE SOMETHING anything, just let it flow. “I’m Back!”

MANA Mindset doesn’t mean you live in an oasis & birds sing as you walk. It’s listening to your soul & taking a break to reconnect to the source of your JOY & HAPPINESS.

We will face stress & distractions. The goal is to identify them & have a system or mantra to get back on track. For me it’s art, mad art. 🤬

I just color like mad & think about what I need. I conjure the feelings that I desire: joy, happiness, success, organization… Meanwhile I don’t stop until the whole page is covered.

Then I write the first word that comes to mind & step back. 😇

This is what happens when my meticulous planning & schedules go BONKERS 👾👻 🥴 I do “Mad Art Therapy” or at least that’s what I call it.

I hope you try it 😁🤙🏽 and use #walkinnbeauty if you do. Speaking of @walk_inn_beauty I will be sharing this technique in a mastermind session if you would like to join our community visit & follow the link & follow. I will post our next session.

Beautiful Mind – Day 30

The best way to maintain what you’ve learned is to go out a teach others. Think about who you will invite to the BEAUTIFUL MIND challenge & be enthusiastic when sharing. By putting yourself in the teacher position you will create permanent & positive change.  (You probably remember me saying this on DAY 29.)

Help others.

Here’s some ideas to get you started…

  • Organize a cafè meet-up with a few friends and share your observations.
  • Got family or friends who live far? No worries, you can Google Hangout and meet-up online. It’s free.
  • Implement the challenge within your organization. (Specialty clubs like knitting, quilting, scrapbook, mommy & me, small biz or master mind group.


  1. You are the observer.
  2. Listening is a gift, all you need to do is witness their process.
  3. Use a timer & everyone shares the same amount. No exceptions but you all can choose the length of time.
  4. Never try to solve or figure out their situation. They must process on their own.
  5. Encourage them and stay positive.
  6. Keep the energy flowing and don’t sit too long on one person.  (Timers are awesome.)
  7. Let them know you have one expectation: Consideration.

Take it to the next level! There’s something powerful about stating your intention. Once you’ve organized your group let us know in the chat box. Then have your BEAUTIFUL MIND TEAM check-in daily and follow through with the daily prompts. Your meet-ups will be a casual way for them to relax and share. Consider once a week or at the beginning & end of the month.

Be the change that you want to see.

Foodie Fit: great tips for meal planning.

Start simple & stay consistent plus I’ve got more resources in the next quote box below. Scroll down for the goodies.

Dance Fit: one more Sensazao, I suggest you follow them 😉


There’s more goodies for you…


Beautiful Mind – Day 29

We’ve almost competed the 30 Day BEAUTIFUL MIND challenge. As you reflect on Day-3 think about one person who can benefit from these post. Share with them about your beautiful mind  transformation and invite them to try it out. You can start them off on DAY 1 and encourage them. 

Experience has taught me that both permanent & positive change happens when our thoughts reflect our potential. (Thoughts become things.) The sooner you share your journey you switch from learner to teacher and your new mindset becomes a healthy habit.

Foodie Fit: for Sunday’s meal prep idea. This includes a shopping list & all the recipes for each dish. You can substitute or swap out any of theses.

Thoughts become things.

Dance Fit: Beto not only created the dance style that would become Zumba but he also sings 🙂 

True friends don’t let their friends think ugly.

Beautiful Thoughts + Beautiful Conversations = Beautiful Mind


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Beautiful Mind – Day 28

I’m pretty sure most of us are reading this post on a mobile device and perhaps you have an app that can help you plan things out. However, grab an old fashion planner or calendar and schedule your whole-listic self care days. You’ll need three different colors for workout, self care fun then choose a consistent hour. Highlight that day & hour on your planner.


  • Workout Green = Monday, Wednesday & Friday @ 5:00pm Zumba
  • Self-Care Yellow = Thursday @ 5:00pm Massage or Spa
  • Fun Blue = Sunday @ 12:00pm Out with the Ohana (family)

There’s a kinesthetic feeling when writing down your plan. You’re taking an idea from the invisible (imagination) to the physical (written). That’s a powerful connection.

Foodie Fit: someday I hope to try this… 

Dance Fit: super high energy with Zumba’s Kass Martin

Practice self 💛 love.


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Beautiful Mind – Day 2

How we reflect is an important part of being human and what you repeat in your thoughts can build or break you down. As we journey towards balance remember that MANA Wahine Fitness is a conscious effort of mind, body, soul & emotion to be in harmony.This month will be 30 days of reflective activities to guide you towards a MANA mindset. (Power of knowing who you are, that your life matters & the next generation needs you.) You can leave a comment or find me on Facebook/get.MANAIA