Beautiful Soul – Day 17

   Can you imagine love rushing to you? I truly believe that good things are meant for us but we are naturally pessimistic. (Perhaps not all of us.) Which means we discount good things as a whim or one-off type of situation. Then we expect a disaster to follow our good fortune. WHY DO WE DO THAT? Maybe I’m the only one but who hasn’t heard or said, “It’s the calm before the storm.” 
What if we…

  • Let life happen.
  • Stop labeling things bad or good.
  • Prepare for love by loving ourselves first. Making self-care essential.
  • Accept love in the form of kindness & complements.
  • Practicing daily habits of gratitude through journaling.

I had to add, “Accept love in the form of kindness & complements” because if someone gives you a complement you don’t have to return the gesture. Just accept the good, thank them & be on your way. (If someone is fishing for a complement, by telling you one, then you know they’re not genuine and have hidden intentions. Walk away quickly.)


Let gratitude be your focus as you let love in. 💙 Stick to your plans and you will reach your goals. 


(I hope you’re sticking to your workout plan.)

Beautiful Soul – Day 16

   Have you ever looked at a person and thought to yourself, “They’ve got it all.” Then you discover two things…

  1. They’ve been faking it the whole time and are one twig away from breaking the camels back. In other words they’re hypocrites and are about to be discovered. -OR-
  2. They’ve lived a life of dysfunction and pain but through grace they found hope and turned their life around.

Nothing is as it seems through the lens of time. If you are patient and persistent with your own dreams life will unfold the truth. I haven’t lived as long as most but my soul has been filled with the wisdom of grand & great-grandparents. Through their experiences I’ve learned so much and what they didn’t know I turned to biographical books or Google. (Yes, I’m a nerd/geek)

Be anxious for nothing…

In the beginning of this 21 Day challenge you were suppose to choose one healthy habit to adopt into your lifestyle. What was is?

Don’t feel discouraged if you didn’t perfect it yet. The main word being “YET” because all things take time. Habits must be developed and practiced. So make it a point to complete today’s healthy habit before you go to bed. (If possible)



Beautiful Soul – Day 15

You might not understand the struggle while you’re in it but your endurance will lead to stronger character. It’s during the times of trial that the soul will persevere through breathe-release-believe-realize. 

Breathe: Fresh air & oxygen can move mountains while allowing possibilities to flow in.

Release: The things you can not change sounds simple but it’s a great skill to master. 

Believe: In yourself and your vision. After you accept the unchanging circumstances focus on what you can change. Make a plan & stick to it.

Realize: You’re closer to your dreams because the greatest hurdle always comes just before the finish line. Don’t give into a doubtful mind. (Try BEAUTIFUL MIND Challenge if you need better thoughts.)



Beautiful Soul – Day 14

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you like what someone has, figure out what they did to get there.” And how many of us know of Oprah Winfrey? (Everyone) She preaches the value of gratitude and how it got her to where she is today. Interesting right. It got her through disappointments, past abuses, horrible encounters and unfortunate events. 

Gratitude can help us all make peace with what we can not change and change what we can. 

It teaches us to accept seasons because into each life some rain must fall. 

It also becomes the main factor for attracting abundance.


Gratitude is one of those things that has nothing to do with your feelings because it’s a directional energy. It’s a tool you can use to shift your perspective from negative to positive. You don’t need to feel gratitude to express it but the more you say (or write) it the more grateful you will feel.

Comment for connection.

Stick to your workout plans & eat clean. PEACE be the journey.

Beautiful Soul – Day 13


 The idea behind the BEAUTIFUL SOUL Challenge grew from an understanding that good things come from an attitude of gratitude. And what better way to create healthy habits then to start being grateful for what we already have. Gratefulness is both the seed & the catalyst.

If you’re not happy with your body then… be grateful for the way you dance, your imagination or another talent.

If you’re not proud of past decisions then… be grateful for the lessons you learned & move on.

If you’re not feeling loved then… be grateful for your ability to love and love your self.

The Goal is to focus on the positive which will shift your perception. 

Eventually, by healthy association, you will attract abundance and adopt habits to support your new lifestyle. So pick one, just one healthy habit, schedule it into your planner and practice it daily.   


When I’m working with clients my purpose is to help them focus on one habit. And somehow that little win triggers lots of wins while building their confidence. I truly want every person to live out their greatest potential and starting small is the perfect place. One small step which is one simple habit. 

What habit are you working on? Comment for connection.

Beautiful Soul – Day 12

   I’m sure you’ve seen a boat load of fitness challenges for the body but what about the Soul? We don’t think of the Soul with the same respect as biceps or abs but isn’t it just as special? Perhaps even more important then the body since it’s eturnal. By eturnal I’m referring to the idea that the soul is bound to a body for a certain amount of time but it’s capacity can’t be calculated or measured. (Eturnal.)

Over the course of twenty one days you’ll see gratitude prompts that you can answer in the comment box or in your journal. Brace yourself because it won’t be easy but it will be beneficial in the long run. You should prepare yourself by…

  1. Setting aside the same fifteen (15) minutes every day until you’ve completed the task.
  2. Making or buying a journal that you can dedicate for the coming weeks.
  3. Enjoying the process and join the community. Every soul is important.

Never doubt the power of Gratitude and the best time to use it is when you feel least likely to smile.



Beautiful Soul – Day 11


The people that matter the most still need time with you. Try not to get too busy that you miss what’s important…

If you’re a parent of teens they still require your time. Maybe not in the same fashion as when they were five. Also, hearing words of love and adoration helps.

Bottom line – make your VALUE of them audible, let them hear you,

Don’t get too busy to tell the ones who matter most why you’re grateful for them.



Beautiful Soul – Day 10

 Hope you’re enjoying the gratefulness prompts. I’m a bit behind on my photo editing and would rather do it right or not at all. I apologize for the delay. More to come as I catch up on the post. 🎉😃🌴

Feeling rushed and out of alignment is the perfect time to practice gratitude. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my photos with you. And although it took some time, I’m glad I could follow through.



Beautiful Soul – Day 9

  You wouldn’t expect a Catholic Benedict monk to have a MA in fine arts or Ph.D in experimental psychology while co-finding a center for Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu & Sufi teachers. But when you hear about it you can’t help but wonder, “Who is this person?”  You’ll have a chance to hear his thoughts on happiness and how you can enjoy a life filled with joy.



Gratitude makes us joyful.

Remember to comment in the box for connection. 💜

PEACE be the journey.

Beautiful Soul – Day 8

   Miracles motivate. The end.

Well maybe not. More of a, “In the beginning.” Miracles are still happening but we’ve become glued to our devices. Here’s five ways to spot miracles…

  1. When you least expect it.
  2. When you actually STOP to smell the roses.
  3. When you look up & out.
  4. When you breathe deep.
  5. When you walk in unwavering faith & hope.

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A world without miracles is a world without a future.

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Smile! 😃 

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