Beautiful Mind – Day 14

An affirmation is a sentence that you repeat to yourself on a regular basis which is usually made up of positive goals or ideas. The best type of affirmation is one that you create for yourself but creating one can be a little tricky. Why? Because you need to keep it simple and inspired by an emotional feeling or desire. Here are my tips …

  • Write down what you want. Example: loose 40lbs.
  • Think of one word that represents that want or desire. Example: Toned.
  • Then connect with a feeling and write that word. Example: Estatic.
  • Now build your sentence using I will, I am, I have or I believe for your affirmation. Example: I am so estatic about my toned body. I have a toned body that makes me estatic. 
  • Finally write, design or type your sentences onto somethings you’ll see often so you can say it often.

Foodie Fit: Meal prep stuff to get your mind in gear for the next challenge BEAUTIFUL BODY

Dance Fit: Jessica’s pretty awesome and you have to try this one

Design the life you want through the words you use. 

Hope you like the simplicity and flow of this vlog and remember to like, subscribe and share. PEACE be the journey.

Beautiful Mind – Day 9

Words have an impact over us and the more you surround yourself with words of encouragement the better. I hope you completed Day-8 and wrote out your inspirational words. This practice will not only help you out in your fitness realm but in all realms of life. So today’s BEAUTIFUL MIND challenge  is to be purposeful and conscious of those words and have them around you. Here are a few ideas to wear, especially when working out…

  • Shirt 
  • Necklace 
  • Bracelet
  • Hats or Beanies 
  • Bandanas 
  • Hoodie
  • Tattoo (if you’re into that)
  • Yoga pants (there’s some cool ones)
  • Workout pants
  • On your water bottle 
  • On your iPhone or iPad if you use it for music during workouts
  • On your headphones

Foodie Fit: Just started watching a few of his creations. Simple with the ingredient list included.

Dance Fit: Formation choreo by Matt Steffanina (hip-hop music, might contain offensive language)

Bottom line is to stay true to yourself and the process. This is 30 DAYS of focusing on our thoughts and creating a BEAUTIFUL MIND.  And if you would like some accountability or connection leave a comment below. Oh, you can also catch up on previous days if you missed any. Remember to comment like and subscribe.