5 Reasons to Start a Fitness Revolution!

Maybe “Revolution” is a bit heavy of a word to use.

But that’s what it feels like. It feels like you have to amp people up to move. Motivate others to join the wellness movement, after all this is a worthy cause. So why not start a revolution and wave a flag of wellness over the nation? Well, let’s at least begin in our homes. 

Aging gracefully is a worthy cause! Being able to use the toilet on my own at 93 is a worthy cause!!!

Working out is a worthy cause but we all need motivation to get this revolution going. All the more reason to try Zumba. I think it’s a great introduction into fitness and can open the door for advancement. It’s the music that motivates me out of a sluggish attitude. The bass does all the work while the treble gets you stepping. 


  1. It’s time to overthrow diabetes.
  2. Start a mutiny to obesity’s plans.
  3. Revolt against heart disease.
  4. Cause a rebellion on products  that slowly destroys kidneys & liver.
  5. Begin an insurgence against “mis information,” become self-educated about what we consume & how we move. (In other words – be careful of all fads, do your own research.)

    My upcoming classes are for Moms because I see their commitments & dedication to their Ohana, family. Often putting their needs last and rarely making time for self-care. My goal is to create a bubble of health and that 1 hour belongs to them. 100% 

    If you need help setting or creating a food, fitness, fun & self-care plan check out WholelisticFit PEACE Be the Journey & comment below if you’re starting a FITNESS REVOLUTION in your home. 

    What happen to December? 

    Fitness Concert

    I’m throwing one more event before welcoming 2017. My how time flies by but if you would like to see what I’m doing on a regular basis check out my Instagram

    This event is to celebrate a year of fitness for all the members and I’m so excited to host this. I think the joy is connected to the fact that we’ve built a fit community of support. I see them encouraging one another and extending that support beyond the session.

    In the past I’ve hosted fitness concerts for everyone and anyone but this one is different. This time it’s for members only or people who have participated throughout the year. I want to celebrate their efforts and accomplishments.

    PS: Majority women and a few good men in our classes.

    How to organize a FITNESS CONCERT.

    So you want to gather a few people  together and inspire them to get fit. Great! Now what? 

    In previous post I shared about participating in  two types of fitness events as a host or sponsor. Both examples I used were long events, averaging six hours, but what if you don’t have that kind of time or capital ($). Then throw a FITNESS CONCERT!

    Here are the benefits…

    • You can pack a lot into 90-minutes.
    • Simple theme and set up.
    • Easy to clean up and manage.
    • The focus is on the workout.
    • Don’t have to provide food because it’s only 90-minutes.
    • Don’t have to provide water because it’s only 90-minutes.
    • Party like atmosphere for potential students to feel comfortable.

    How to make it happen…

    1. Pick a theme, date, venue and team. In that order.
    2. Theme: choose something relevant or top of mind. (Example: Christmas – “Jingle All The Way” Fitness Concert.)
    3. Date: Weekends are usually crowded but if you plan ahead you can throw a terrific weekday event.
    4. Venue: Location, location, location. It matters.
    5. Team: Volunteers to spread the word and help during the concert. 

    Places to market your event…

    • Social Media is a great start but make sure you’re not coming across as spam-ish. 
    • Make short trailers that you can share across many platforms. Twitter, Instagram and  Snapchat have limits on how long your video content can be. (Facebook’s Livestream is pretty fun and almost limitless.)
    • Email your list of followers and give them a sneak peek into your event.
    • Old school fliers still work so post them everywhere.
    • You can also buy ad-space in a local newspaper or guest post on someone else’s blog about your community event.

    I shared the event on Instagram and yes I forgot an “s” in subconscious. Grateful for the person who pointed out my mistake, Mahalo Mom. (Lol) 

    #1 Tip to make your event awesome…


     That’s the honey to draw your crowd. My thought is that the fitness market is turning out new workouts and dance fitness styles daily but having live music will make your event epic. 

    Become a Mermaid and PEACE Be the Journey, Ho’omālamalama 

    You can also read about the inspiration behind the fitness concert here. Hope to see you splashing around in our very own mermaid lagoon.

    Share the link and invite a friend – http://www.hoomalamalama.com/MERMAIDS.html

    Beautiful Soul – Day 8

       Miracles motivate. The end.

    Well maybe not. More of a, “In the beginning.” Miracles are still happening but we’ve become glued to our devices. Here’s five ways to spot miracles…

    1. When you least expect it.
    2. When you actually STOP to smell the roses.
    3. When you look up & out.
    4. When you breathe deep.
    5. When you walk in unwavering faith & hope.

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    A world without miracles is a world without a future.

    Skin Fit: I buy Mountain Rose Herb products when I want to DIY because they are the Louis Vuitton of organic & natural ingredients.

    Smile! 😃 

    Foodie Fit: Tea! How I adore them because there are so many benefits. Pair them with a meal or have a cup as you relax. If you’re uncertain about loose leaf watch this simple DIY.

    Laugh 😄

    Dance Fit: Nothing but fun in this YouTube Vid by Live Love Party 

    Dance 💃🏽

    Beautiful Body – Day 7 & 8

    Think about the last place you shopped or ate at… Was it clean? The chances are that you would have walked out if there was rude  service or a dirty environment. Your subconscious is drawn towards beauty, symmetry, organization and design. I say subconscious because most times you don’t even know that it’s happening.

    Now think about your  meals. When you look at your lunch does it make you happy? The term “Spark Joy” is from a book by Marie Knodo but it got me thinking about every aspect of life. Does my food spark joy?

    I appreciate kawaii food styling and it might seem like too much extravagance but it does something for the mind. It makes one feel happy.

    Foodie Fit: here’s Ochikeron using kawaii meal prep with a western lunch box.

    I’m a foodie going into fitness therefore my approach to food is different.

    Dance Fit: Zumba’s Loretta Bates breaking it down for us. 💃🏽

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    Beautiful Body – Day 3 & 4

    Welcome to a healthier, sexier & vibrant you 💚. The action of you taking time to read this blog and share its content is already a step in the right direction. The goal of BEAUTIFUL BODY challenge is to workout your organs. Yes I said organs. Did you know that the your digestive system deserves a regular fitness schedule.

    Fitness for the organs? Everything you chew & swallow puts your esophagus, digestive enzymes & colon (the list goes on) into a synchronized routine of movement.

    It’s pure genius, our internal system.

    Eating Clean is the simplest non-diet program that anyone can incorporate into a busy lifestyle. It’s reconnecting to food and the gifts of nature & life. Everything you consume should be…

    • Simple, from farm to table
    • Raw, whole a.k.a. real food
    • Minimally processed & lightly handled
    • Void of preservatives or additives
    • Foods your grand or great-grand parents would recognize

    Meal Prep is important when adopting this lifestyle because it’s not as easy to find whole-meals-on-the-go. And in a perfect world we could get our entire family involved but that might not happen today. Until then, start simple and begin with your meals. (Many of the women I coach & mentor have separate space in their fridge & cabinants just for them.)

    Foodie Fit: This is a vlog I made for you, it has five (5) tips to make shopping easy.

    Good food is a great workout for your digestive system. It will thank you by giving you energy & vitality.

    Dance Fit: I got a real retro feeling with this one but I’m sure you can rock it at home 🙂

    Confession, once you start incorporating clean eating you might notice regular fast foods might make you sick. I went out with my Ohana (family) and bit into a burger… OMG I felt like a oily & gross mess. My stomach was NOT happy with me. Almost as if it was saying, “Where’s the love? Why are you feeding me this junk!”

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    My new fave in the kitchen. It saves me time and it was under $30 at the time of purchase. Watch the Foodie Fit vlog to find out more.

    Beautiful Mind – Day 20


    Let’s pretend it’s your 12th birthday you rip open a card and dig for the money tucked away. And then imagine 10-years passed by and you’re going through a difficult time when you stumble across the card but this time you read it. The message says: To a brilliant and beautiful young lady, you’re AH-MAZING and never forget that! Love Mama. You break down into tears because you realized that someone believes in you.

    That realization it all it takes to stand up and move on. So why not take some time to write a meaningful letter to your future self and seal it with a kiss. Don’t wait for someone else to make you happy or feel valued. 

    Become the advocate for your needs and never stop believing.

    Foodie Fit: A dream for me, having a garden in Hawaii. I’m super inspired by this.

    Dance Fit: this Kizomba has a great beat and looks fun enough to join in.

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    Beautiful Mind – Day 13

    You’ve probably heard the saying, “Thoughts become things” hundreds of times but how true is it? As it turns out it’s quite true and as you journey through these 30-Days of the BEAUTIFUL MIND challenge I hope you are benefiting. My goal for every reader is to become the healthiest & happiest, one day at a time. It is a journey but you don’t have to travel alone.

    Foodie Fit: this recipe is so fresh.  

    Dance Fit: shout-out to Aotearoa (NZ) dance crews  

    What you believe to be true grew from a thought that was once new. ~Ho’omalamalama 


    Beautiful Mind – Day 6

    I consider this challenge the most important of all because choosing the right accountability partner will determine your success. So consider these characteristics when searching for yours.

    • Honest
    • Truthful
    • Self-Motivated 
    • Driven
    • Consistent
    • Not Afraid (of you or your tantrums, lol)
    • The type of friend that will tell you if you have lipstick on your teeth.

    Now get started and choose wisely. Also you can comment who your accountability buddies is in the box below. 

    Fit Foodie 
    A simple bowl of yummy Korean style with the veggies hugging the egg and the fresh noodles below. I enjoy Korean food because they incorporate a lot of vegetables into their meals. The seasoning and flavors dance around to leave you satisfied and content. Have you tried Korean cuisine?