Celebrating: Welbriety

In 1994 the Wellbriety Movement grew from need. Native American leaders recognized the generational effects of alcoholism and substance abuse. The goal is simple: Get Healthy! However we know that the simplest goals are often the most difficult. Never the less they strive onward and upward.

In the Pacific Northwest, the Nisqually Tribe host an annual PowWow to honor Wellbriety. Host drums from Montana, competing drum groups, dancers in regalia and Native vendors cover the grounds over a three day period. It’s educational and entertaining.

This year I will have a booth promoting my online service called WholelisticFit and partnering with another holistic practitioner. We hope to offer organic skincare, organic spices & my virtual services. Although behind the scenes is a little hectic I remain hopeful. PEACE Be the Journey.

How to host a fitness event. Part 1/2

There were two events I participated in last week. One I co-hosted and the other I sponsored. And I’m going to share my take-a-way from both events.

I had the opportunity to co-host a wellness movement. The agenda was simple and the idea was to get the community to try different types of fitness styles.

I’ll be the first to admit that 7am yoga is for the truly dedicated. Personally my favorite time to practice is at 6am but that’s after years of training. Yet this crew was pretty awesome because it was a first attempt for many. Impressive!

This style was completely new to me and it consisted of pow-wow music & movements. The two leading the session are a father & son team who have competed in different pow-wow venues throughout North America. This was intense & motivating.

HIIT felt like a bootcamp session but it had a predetermined list of targeted movements that were on a whiteboard while being timed. I would challenge anyone taking their fitness to the next level to try it.

We also had health and fitness businesses join us such as the localΒ Curves .Β They donated items for our raffle, connected with attendees, spoke about their services and provided valuable resources.

The highlight was having a representative from a local farmers market share products that are grown & made in Washington state. It was full of delicious berries and so much more.

How to host a Wave Of Wellness or Fitness event in your community.

  1. Gather of team of like minded people who are service driven.
  2. Set up regular meetings and possibly a “private” Facebook page to share any questions, progress or developments.
  3. Pick a place, date, time, budget, teams (set-up, break-down, kitchen, security & registration) and determine resources needed.
  4. Plan your marketing strategy and have everyone share on their social media pages.
  5. Host & have fun. Remember to take lots of pics.

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