Beautiful Mind – Day 7

The three narratives work like this, “I believe” represents your self talk. While, “I am” is what you project to your community and “I will” sums up your actions. Its internal, external and the action you take. All three can either work for you or against you but they are always working.

The Beautiful Mind challenge is important because winners are made from within and taking time to condition your mind is necessary. Do you know someone who would benefit from this challenge? Why not invite them to start at day one. Their checkins can be here on the blog or with you. The bottom line is to start.

Fit Foodie

Every day you get closer to your goal and remember to keep moving forward. Speaking of moving have you seen this dance fitness crew, they’re amazing.

PEACE Be the Journey

Sharing from my poets brain, do you write free verse? Would you like to share it with the universe and post it here?

FYI: We want to include everyone so there’s a modified Zumba Gold class with Ho’o that happens every week. Some of our members have had hip replacement, joint and muscle issues. One of our members has 80+ years of walking in beauty.  


Beautiful Mind – Day 6

I consider this challenge the most important of all because choosing the right accountability partner will determine your success. So consider these characteristics when searching for yours.

  • Honest
  • Truthful
  • Self-Motivated 
  • Driven
  • Consistent
  • Not Afraid (of you or your tantrums, lol)
  • The type of friend that will tell you if you have lipstick on your teeth.

Now get started and choose wisely. Also you can comment who your accountability buddies is in the box below. 

Fit Foodie 
A simple bowl of yummy Korean style with the veggies hugging the egg and the fresh noodles below. I enjoy Korean food because they incorporate a lot of vegetables into their meals. The seasoning and flavors dance around to leave you satisfied and content. Have you tried Korean cuisine?  

Beautiful Mind – Day 3

Sometimes we build resistance towards something and create obstacles. I’ve heard every excuse under the sun as to why people don’t workout on a regular basis. Maybe it’s expensive, time consuming, no child care or no desire. Let’s dig deeper.

  • Expensive: sickness & disease industry is a multi-million dollar industry. It seems like illness is the most expensive of the two. Preventative care is based off of daily habits that promote health.
  • Time: with all this automation around us we should have more time. We no longer have to grow, grind or hunt for food. Time is really based off perspective & distraction. What is distracting you and how do you perceive time?
  • Child Care: I know people who take their children with them to yoga sessions or play outside with their children. They incorporate movement while spending quality time.
  • Desire: this is the most difficult of all because at this point the mind is sabotaging the body. It will convince you to just give up but there’s good news. Your body was meant to handle challenges and every decision to stick to your plan will train your mind into a healthy habit.

Stay connected, make a comment and see you on Instagram. PEACE Be the Journey.

Goodie Foodie – conditioning our brains to eat live rainbowlicious food is important. (Rainbowlicious: my sister had a blog with that name.) Do you see colors on your plate?

  1. Kale
  2. Broccoli strips
  3. Red Cabbage
  4. Pumpkin Seeds
  5. Walnuts
  6. Hemp Seeds
  7. Coconut drizzle (Made this with coconut cream and a smidge of honey. I wanted a honey vinaigrette but didn’t have vinegar.)
  8. TIP – a lot of stores sell a type of kale salad mix.

MANA Wahine Fitness


MANA: true mana (strength) never passes away it is handed down from one generation to the next.

WAHINE: carrier of life, woman. She who embodies the moon through its seasons.

My Hawaiian-ness allows me to see everything through cultural filters. As I stand in the 40th year & 7 children cycle of my life I prayed, “What will it take to move forward?” MANA… not my own strength but that of every women who pulses within my DNA. My grandmothers who made it through WW2, The Great Depression, the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani and it is their strength that I will rely on to make better choices.

This idea inspired me to create a program which combines my Zumba® classes with Plate by Zumba and mix in some incentives. The motivational energy is MANA Wahine Fitness. It starts with the female but will flow into the family, tribe, community and anyone who believes in wellness. Health can sustain a movement and awareness will become the catalyst of a nation. You can quote me on that!

Get ready to dig deep & stay consistent. The only thing you’ll loose is calories (wink, wink) Everyone can participate…
🗻 Gym workout: Make a plan.
🗻 Mobile workout: Grab the fitness apps resource page here.
🗻 Food Ideas: Whole food recipe and ideas here.

Month 1 Honeymoon month where everything is new and exciting. Plan, join, create and start your workouts along with meal prep.

Month 2 Midlife Crisis month when life gets in the way and it feels harder and harder to stick to your schedule. Don’t give up. This is a great time to collage a vision board with pictures of your future self.

Month 3 What Now month, you might notice that the old schedule isn’t working like it use to. No worries this happens to all of us. This is when you switch-up your workout for something that’s a little more demanding. You can do it.

Month 4 Back to Month 1 except you’re taking it to the next level adding weights, reps or a more advanced PT. Then move through each month always increasing or changing your workout routine. You don’t want your muscles to become complacent.