I’m back… Paleo inspired lunch.

It’s Valentines Day in New Zealand 🇳🇿 and it will be tomorrow here in the USA. This is a beef inspired dish plated with a lovely organic tomato for all of you fit-foodies. Showing love ❤️ to your body by taking time to eat beautifully. I read a post by Dr. Mark Hyman, “You are what your food ate.”

I’m not a regular beef connoisseur but when I do eat it I prefer locally raised & grass fed. Since my last post I’ve been in training and the extra workout has me eating more protein.

DETAILS: Fit-Foodie Inspiration: Bulgogi beef cuts with shredded ginger, carrots & purple cabbage. On a spinach nest topped with a juicy tomato. Seasoned with crushed pepper & Yakima smoked salt. [My fave sea salt smoked with apple wood.] Beef 🥩 is grass feed organic & my butcher knows how to make bulgogi slices.

More fit-foodie inspiration & smoothies on my Instagram.

WholelisticFit Blog: “The art of self-care.” I started writing more holistic lifestyle post on a Members only blog, but don’t worry it’s easy to join. In fact it’s free. I’ll post the link below.

The goal is to live in BALANCE while getting fit. Paying attention to the mind, body & Soul. If you’re already a Mermaid then use this link to read the post.

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Calendula salve I made & wrote about on the holistic blog. What’s your self care routine?

Don’t forget to spoil yourself.

Stop having breakfast blues.

I hear this all the time, “I’m not into breakfast” or “I don’t have time for breakfast.” Let me be the first to raise my hand. 🤚 I use to say both but finally changed my evil ways. Lol. Here’s the problem, most of us went to schools that served blah-type of food. We skipped the sorry excuse of a meal and opted for the chocolate milk. To only be greeted by a bland lunch or what they called chef 👨‍🍳 special. Yikes!

We’ve become disconnected to food, its purpose, the quality & the growers. What we need to do is educate ourselves and become curious about food. Learn about the products you consume and watch videos, vlogs and livestream episodes by people who make ah-mazing dishes.

It’s almost like falling in love with yourself and spoiling your tastebuds. Finding that sweet spot of ingredients that inspire you is the goal. What will wake you up in the morning? If you said bacon I hope you meant turkey-bacon. 😅

Below is a video I did about another smoothie mentioned on my Instagram page. Comment in the box below if you tried it or have a recipe to share.


Turmeric – Wonderful root that’s waking up our digestive system. All health stems from a healthy gut.

Beets – I use to dislike it but blended up in its raw form is delicious.

Chia – NEED ENERGY? This is exactly what the body will thrive from.

Mango, Banana, Apple – Has valuable vitamins but more importantly it TASTE GREAT.

Honey – More energy & healing properties, according to ancient theories.

Enjoy your life and enjoy what you eat. PEACE Be the Journey, Ho’omālamalama



It’s a Smoothie thing! How to create your own recipes.

What is it about our culture that has us buying blenders? The idea of slurping up your vitamins sound simple but isn’t this just

glorified baby food?

The idea of processing what we can chew to make an on-the-go meal might be appealing to some… unless you like food. And I’m a foodie before fitness so this took some time.

  • I understand the benefits.
  • I bought a Vitamix in 2016.
  • I never used the Vitamix.
  • I bought books about it.
  • I joined challenges.

At the end of the day I preferred to bake or broil before blending but that was just me. The truth is that I like smoothies but I didn’t like making them. Until now.

I began to wonder about the flavor that certain combinations would create. That was basically the end to the beginning. Here’s my thought to keeping it simple and how to develop your own recipes.

  1. Don’t overwhelm yourself just breathe.
  2. Pick one main ingredient that inspires you.
  3. Find other veggies, fruits, grains or seasonings that will complement it.
  4. Here’s my formula: Power Veggie + Natural Fiber + Flavor Fruit + Seed + Liquid = basic smoothie.
  5. Example: golden beets (power veg), carrots & beet tops (fiber), mango & pineapple (flavor fruit), chia (seed) then water.

I drizzled honey on top for flavor and extra energy but the best part is that a lot of these ingredients provide dual benefits.

Watch the process here.

My Instagram page is holding me accountable to drinking at least one smoothie per week. So wish me luck and I’m sending some your way too. If you have an awesome recipe put it in the comment box. PEACE Be the Journey.